If you are a coach, health professional, holistic practitioner, licensed mental health practitioner, chiropractor, energy healer, massage therapist or caring professional working with clients then you know - because you’ve experienced it - that there’s more to effectively supporting your clients and patients than what you learned in school.... [read more]

If you are an Entrepreneur or Business Professional and you want to increase your abundance, shift the blocks in the way of success and anchor into your bigger more brilliant inner CEO professional, then you need to hear what I have to say! Time, after time, it is not your lack of technical skills that impede success, it is too often something else … [read more]

If you want to discover how to master the energy of your negative thoughts and feelings about your self, including  the painful emotions of trauma, so that your life’s challenges and your pain, no matter how great,, can become the portals to reclaiming your light…
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Thank you for your support, for the life- altering work that you taught me.  To say it was pivitol doesn't really do it justice.
Mindy, LPC
You have been the most supportive and generous person I have ever known. Thanks for having a huge heart and loving me.
Tara, Mortgage Broker
You held a deep and profound space for my transformation this weekend.  And dear Eros helped me reclaim my power and amazing light! I got everything I wanted from this and more.
 Thank you for teaching me so much and helping me let go of all my old stories, love to you!