508, 2018

How a Puppy Can Help You Manifest!

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wCome to our weekend workshop Aug. 17-18 to heal the "wound/trauma" so you may awaken your natural manifestation abilities! Register for Aug. workshop click here! Click here for tomorrow's webinar, 7pm.
My puppy Inca, really can teach you about the link between healing trauma/the wound and manifesting deep meaning and joy in your life. Abraham Hicks is well known for teaching manifestation. Yet, they don't outline the practical step by step tips for [...]

1607, 2018

How to Manifest – Why we Fail and How to Fix It!

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Welcome to our 4-part series on manifestation. 4 Videos and E-book below, along with two hand outs of the 5 steps, skills and spiritual laws! If you want scientific, deep and evidence based support for manifestation, here are the answers to your deepest questions. If you want a quick fix, stop now for this is not the training for you. And, if you want to take this information into an [...]

1706, 2018

Quantum Research – What is Reality?

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Does Consciousness Cause the Cosmos?


Scientific American reports on research and suggests that consciousness is the creator of reality. It suggests that our Universe does not exist, without consciousness. Feel free to watch the videos below that discuss the research in detail. In my next posting, I will outline specific actionable techniques to ground this research into your everyday life so you feel equipped to be the conscious creator of your [...]

306, 2018

Could the Energy of Anxiety, Help You Manifest?

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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).


Because I teach a universal law that states life happens for us, not to us, I began to wonder if the subtle energy creating anxiety could have a positive benefit.


What do I mean by the “energetics” of anxiety?


Well, every emotion we have [...]

1305, 2018

What My 89 Yr-Old Parents with Alzheimer Taught Me

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First, I apologize for not being in touch lately. Honestly, this has been an extremely difficult and trying time. As the only living child, my 89 year-old parents’ have needed all of my time and attention. Yet, I teach a spiritual law that says, “Life happens for us, not to us.” And, living with this knowledge, has helped me turn this painful life challenge into useful life lessons. In this [...]

804, 2018

How Can Happiness Be Real?

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Being with Truth Can Feel Difficult!
Yet, as you learn the steps and skills to transform sadness to joy, your life opens to endless possibilities!

This week, a client asked me an amazing question. She asked, “Is joy real? Aren’t people that walk around joyful all day faking it?” How can bliss possibly be truth? I just love that question! It goes right to the heart of the matter that is held [...]

303, 2018

Can Your Inner Bitch Save You? Do Boys Have A Cultural Bias?

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So much of what we are taught as women, is really based on how we can be perfect, be subservient, and let others take charge so that our power doesn't dim them. (Note: And, as I have experienced first hand, NOT All BOYS HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO BE BRAVE...they need love and support too...

See the following 2 Ted Talks that helps you understand more! I also hope you come to [...]

1702, 2018

What to Do When The Flu Has You!

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Given it is flu and cold season, have you ever wondered what steps you can take to shorten the sick time?

I recently almost got the flu. And during this bout, I was humbly reminded how much I despise being sick. Yet what an opportunity too!

You see, every illness delivers a message. Read the [...]

1002, 2018

Awaken Empowerment – Find Your Healthy Bitch!

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As women are better equipped to claim their healthy inner bitch, we are also more empowered to protect ourselves and learn how to heal those negative patterns. You see, so many of us can play small to stay safe. We also can feel tired of being told that we are too sensitive or too emotional. There is a clean and empowered way to own our sensitivities, intuitive abilities and our [...]

3112, 2017

Make the Most of 2018 Energies By Understanding The Gifts 2017 Revealed

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This posting is about making the most of 2018 energies. You see, if you can understand the energetic template being offered this year, you can then ride its metaphorical jet stream in a manner so you can consciously manifest your best year! To help you with this, let’s first look at 2017 energies.


This past year was about revealing the hidden dark shadow. For instance, nationally we discovered hidden prejudices, sexual [...]