1002, 2018

Awaken Empowerment – Find Your Healthy Bitch!

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As women are better equipped to claim their healthy inner bitch, we are also more empowered to protect ourselves and learn how to heal those negative patterns. You see, so many of us can play small to stay safe. We also can feel tired of being told that we are too sensitive or too emotional. There is a clean and empowered way to own our sensitivities, intuitive abilities and our [...]

3112, 2017

Make the Most of 2018 Energies By Understanding The Gifts 2017 Revealed

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This posting is about making the most of 2018 energies. You see, if you can understand the energetic template being offered this year, you can then ride its metaphorical jet stream in a manner so you can consciously manifest your best year! To help you with this, let’s first look at 2017 energies.


This past year was about revealing the hidden dark shadow. For instance, nationally we discovered hidden prejudices, sexual [...]

1709, 2017

Anxiety Sucks – Tips to Transform It!

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Check out this video that can give you a deeper understanding of why anxiety is so difficult to shake. And, I invite you to come to our October 6-7 retreat where you will receive empowered support. It is discounted at only $97 so sign up soon! It will teach you how to hit the easy button on life and foster deep healing of your nervous system's reactive triggers, healing your [...]

1409, 2017

Awaken to the Truth of You by Transforming Pain to Power!

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I hope you enjoy this webinar. And, I hope you can come to our October 6-7, weekend retreat to learn how to implement these skills and launch your life into amazing heights! Click Here to register

And....For information on our Coaching Certification, contact Carolyn Eberle,;

Sending love and blessings your way,


909, 2017

When Will I No Longer Feel Emotional Pain?

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Students often ask me, when will I no longer feel emotional pain?


My response is, emotional pain is actually the energetic vehicle that can help you incarnate more wholeness and bring your life back on course. You see, suffering happens in our lives when we don't know how to transform sadness, fear, collapse, depression, anxiety and other emotional pain to power, wholeness and positive manifestation. My deepest hope in life [...]

2608, 2017

Which Emotion Ensures Success Best?

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“How you feel, determines if you heal.” This is a powerful axiom to actualize. You see, there are some emotions that can foster deeper spiritual awakening much more than other emotions…that is, IF you know exactly how to feel them.


Some emotions have a huge energetic charge, that when felt skillfully, can deepen your connection to your true self and can help you reset your life onto a better course. So [...]

1508, 2017

Take Charge of Your Life – Receive 5 New Visions!

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Don't just play a small part in your life - be the powerful embodiment of your bigger self and create your own reality. Maybe you have more power than you think!

You are the center stage and you are the main character in your life, so you might as well be the most powerful character as well!

Come discover 5 new visions of how to take charge of your life so your [...]

608, 2017

How Presence is Much More Than Simply Paying Attention!

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Below is a video and tips on cultivating presence, and what does it really mean to be present. Some say, practicing washing the dishes fosters presence. Well, with my ADHD, that concept never worked for me. What other methods might be useful? Also, remember the discount sign up for my August workshop ends soon so sign up today!

Part I: Who is showing up for you, your false self and [...]

2311, 2016


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Given the recent election results, some of my students and clients have been dreading facing their families over Thanksgiving. You see, many families are divided in whom they supported. Below is an amazing story of a client who has learned to self-regulate her mind, energy and body systems from wound and pain - back to wisdom and wholeness.


She found out what was really important to talk about with her loved [...]

1311, 2016

Your Higher Self Is Really Your True Self – Embrace It!

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I encourage you to create a new vernacular around the concept of higher self that is deeply aligned with the fact that:


1) Everyday you wake up with the inner power to cultivate and embody what some call the “higher self”


2) And, that there is a simple process, you can follow, so that your “higher self” can be realized and embodied (incarnated) into your human form


3) Lastly, that a pivotal step [...]