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31 12, 2012

New Years Resolution TIPS

How to feel Enough in the New Year!  Holding the frequency that "you are enough" is a long-term life task. This task, for most of us, will always be a challenge -- up until the day we die. Why is this so? This is because the ego will always live on in our brain/body system; it is constantly being fueled by your biological wiring and your limiting primal brain. It

29 04, 2012

When I Ride…

When I ride, everything makes sense. If I honor my horse, and ride correctly, my horse honors me and delivers what I ask. He doesn’t try to pretend, cheat or steal. He doesn’t try to overpower me or take control. When I ride, everything makes sense. My horse doesn’t try to mislead me with false intentions. She doesn’t pretend to like me when she is angry. She clearly explains what

8 02, 2012

Lean Into The Pain…an Enlightenment Skill!

Lean into the pain! I went to bed, feeling a cold coming on. Usually I try to shift the energy to prevent the cold. It usually lingers...doesn't come yet doesn't go. This time, I leaned into the pain in my throat. I surrendered into receiving it with the intention of transformation. I woke up, no cold, no sore throat, no problem! Find something in your life that hurts to see

13 03, 2011

Do You Have The Skills To Master Your Life Challenges?

Watch and Develop Your Plan To Build Your Container Skills To Build Your Consciousness Container: A Practice To Deepen Your Transformation and Success (Gift Video to Share with Your Friends!) Do You have the life skills for your Life Challenges? Would you like to learn how? As you gain in your ability to build our Energy and Consciousness Container, you gain the ability to transform and succeed.   Over the

13 01, 2011

Healing Demo-Connect to Your Centered Oneness

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Free Demo-Connect to Your Centered Oneness of All! CENTERED ONENESS/Multi-DIMENSIONAL FABRIC/STAR CHILD ENERGIES This is an excellent hands-on energy healing positive resource intervention to help yourself or clients.  It connects a person to the Centered Oneness of all dimension.   The higher self sometimes even reincarnates at deeper levels through this technique. For instance, if it is true that we are all one...then it must also be true that we all

9 01, 2011

Pegasus Horse Helps Heal Our Young Parts

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A “Pegasus” horse affectionately named Leo came into our life two years ago and turned it upside down. For only a dollar, my trainer took from me my strong, independent and protective black noble Percheron cross, Zeus, and replaced him with her husband’s  “young but gentle” horse. She calmly explained to me that my petite daughter would never be able to ride such a strong mighty soul as Zeus so

11 11, 2010


Did you know that by the time your Mammogram locates cancer, it has been growing in your body for at about 8 years? Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness month. Throughout the month there was much talk about the need for self-breast exams and Mammograms. Unfortunately I heard nothing about breast tissue health. Did you know that we all (men and woman) have much we can do to foster tissue/cell