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24 01, 2016

Is Your Inner Child Holding You Back? 5 Tips To Stop It!

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False Ageements Made As A Child from Carolyn on Vimeo. In the spiritual, healing and mental health communities, there is often discussion about "un-supportive soul contracts".  A negative soul contract is when someone, before birth, makes an agreement that might have been useful for them to honor at one point in their soul's journey, but becomes very unhealthy in their current lifetime. In this video, I discuss a similar topic,

29 07, 2015

Compassion in the African Bush of Zimbabwe – Unlike The Killing By the Dentist

Lion that was killed by the American Dentist illegally-pretty sure it is him...see the video to the end. So I met Cecil the lion that was just killed by the American dentist. See video below at the end you will meet Cecil. I lived in Zimbabwe briefly and had a magical Safari. Below is from a newsletter I wrote after returning and hearing an amazing story of love

28 04, 2013

Compassion in the African Bush-INSPIRING Story of a Lioness!

After spending time in the African Bush amongst elephants, lions, hippos, and leopard, it helped me understand how difficult it is to survive in the jungle. It is even more difficult for animals to survive if they chose to be compassionate to one another. While living there, I met an amazing Grandmother lion that taught me about love and compassion in a manner that still stays strong in my heart.

31 12, 2012

New Years Resolution TIPS

How to feel Enough in the New Year!  Holding the frequency that "you are enough" is a long-term life task. This task, for most of us, will always be a challenge -- up until the day we die. Why is this so? This is because the ego will always live on in our brain/body system; it is constantly being fueled by your biological wiring and your limiting primal brain. It

17 09, 2012


I love the analogy where the spiritual teacher sits the protégé down in front of a brook and says, “As you watch, every moment you experience a new and different stream,“ The same is true for each of us, every moment, we can experience either a downstream version of ourselves that holds negative thoughts and self-hate, or an up steam version of ourselves that realizes more compassion and awareness of

8 02, 2012

Lean Into The Pain…an Enlightenment Skill!

Lean into the pain! I went to bed, feeling a cold coming on. Usually I try to shift the energy to prevent the cold. It usually lingers...doesn't come yet doesn't go. This time, I leaned into the pain in my throat. I surrendered into receiving it with the intention of transformation. I woke up, no cold, no sore throat, no problem! Find something in your life that hurts to see

9 11, 2011

Change Your Life, Change Your Sense of Self!

How Does Your Sense of Self Effect Your Ability to Manifest? If you feel you are "not good enough" you risk entering a downward streak.   Your feelings about yourself create your reality. Learn 5-Steps to shift your negative sense of self and gain the power to create what you want.  Join us so you actually want to hunt for a difficult emotion about yourself because you know how to transform

16 10, 2011


Discover your transformation Choice Points on love! One would think that being addicted to love is a positive spiritual force we should all aspire to obtain. Yet love addiction is as painful and destructive as any other addictive behavior be it drugs, alcohol, sex or food.  See if the questions below signify how you show love to others. Does a part of you fear abandonment? Do you secretly wish someone

22 05, 2011

Discover Where the Secret to Personal Transformation Is Hidden!

You know the song, "Blame It On The Alcohol"?  Yes, a rather catchy title. Yet it should have said, "Blame It On The Neuroplasticity Of Your Brain!" Your brain’s Neuroplasticity is both the cause of your problems yet it can also be the answer.   Why? Because over your lifetime the brain’s Neuroplasticity has reinforced the perpetual unfolding of old programming. These deep “neuro-tracks” that your brain has written into