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2 09, 2016

Horses Show Secure Attachment – When Both Partners Give Equally!

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 What is healthy love and what is love that is given out of defense, insecurity and fear?   Check out the above video.  We all can get lost in relationship and lose ourselves. Come learn a healthy way to connect and discover how conflict is really the path to intimacy!  Register at this link for a free training!  https://mindenergybody.org/codependency-webinar I hope to see you there!   Save Save Save Save

17 06, 2013

Taught an amazing class this weekend!

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Taught an amazing class this weekend...how TRAUMA at the quantum level is the portal back to wholeness. My beloved horse helped us heal as well. Hope you can join us next weekend for our Horse Initiated Psychotherapy training and learn how horses use energy to help us!http://mebschooloftransformation.com/trainings/horse-initiated-psychotherapy/

9 01, 2011

Pegasus Horse Helps Heal Our Young Parts

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A “Pegasus” horse affectionately named Leo came into our life two years ago and turned it upside down. For only a dollar, my trainer took from me my strong, independent and protective black noble Percheron cross, Zeus, and replaced him with her husband’s  “young but gentle” horse. She calmly explained to me that my petite daughter would never be able to ride such a strong mighty soul as Zeus so