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23 11, 2016


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Given the recent election results, some of my students and clients have been dreading facing their families over Thanksgiving. You see, many families are divided in whom they supported. Below is an amazing story of a client who has learned to self-regulate her mind, energy and body systems from wound and pain - back to wisdom and wholeness.   She found out what was really important to talk about with

2 09, 2016

Horses Show Secure Attachment – When Both Partners Give Equally!

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 What is healthy love and what is love that is given out of defense, insecurity and fear?   Check out the above video.  We all can get lost in relationship and lose ourselves. Come learn a healthy way to connect and discover how conflict is really the path to intimacy!  Register at this link for a free training! I hope to see you there!   Save Save Save Save

31 01, 2016

2 Tips So Your Love Never Leaves You! Love or Hate Valentines Day – This Video Is For You!

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HELPFUL TIPS SO TRUE LOVE NEVER LEAVES YOU! I invite you to come learn more about relationships, conflict resolution and how to shift the blocks in your way of healthy healing love.  Discount until Feb. 5th.  Event takes place Feb. 19-20.  Heal the inner or outer Bitch/Bully In Your Way of Healing Love! Click Here for the Discount!   In light of Valentine's Day coming next month, this week's awakening