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13 11, 2016

Your Higher Self Is Really Your True Self – Embrace It!

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  I encourage you to create a new vernacular around the concept of higher self that is deeply aligned with the fact that:   1) Everyday you wake up with the inner power to cultivate and embody what some call the “higher self”   2) And, that there is a simple process, you can follow, so that your “higher self” can be realized and embodied (incarnated) into your human form

3 12, 2015

Nurturing Healing Love! Amazing Ted Talk

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Come watch this deep and profound Ted Talk on Nurturing Healing Love. This talk can give you insight into acts of violence and terrorism. I hope it will inspire you so that you no longer get overwhelmed by your negative thoughts and emotions.  You see, those painful feelings and negative self-talk that play over and over again in your mind, are simply ego-based constructs. They are not real. They do