"Once you have access to your energetic awareness and the personal energy regulatory tools I teach-you get the power to manifest your highest good. And, if you are a practitioner, you can effectively create or expand your private practice, overcome "stuckness" or burnout, and to energize all aspects of your career and life."
--Carolyn Eberle

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Carolyn Bucey Eberle, LPC

Hello! I am Carolyn Bucey Eberle, a Licensed Professional Counselor, author of Explorer's Mind-The Map to Freedom, public speaker, spiritual explorer and founder of the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation.

A former D.C. policy advocate for the underprivileged, I am a pioneer and innovator and have been researching and exploring the world of healing for over 30 years.

I see and sense energy and consciousness within you that illuminates your gifts and your personal awakening challenges.

What people are saying...

"I joined this program because two women I knew and respected told me it had changed their lives. A year later, I realize I'm not the same person I used to be at all. It's hard to remember that only a year ago, I was identified with my pain, my personality, and I really didn't know who I was at all, although I thought I did. Now, I've become the person I've always dreamed I could become.""- Rebecca, Massage Therapist

"Thank you for your support, for the life- altering work that you taught me. To say it was pivitol doesnt really do it justice."
- Mindy, LPC:

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